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Mountain hiking – Low Tatras

The village of Liptovský Ján offers a wide range of hiking opportunities for beginners, retirees but professional sportsmen as well.

„Jánska valley“  is one of the longest and most beautiful valleys in Low Tatras. It is being flown by Štiavnica stream, springing  from under the Ďumbier, the highest mountain of whole mountain range (2043 metres). Jánska valley is rich in flora and fauna. Forests are mainly spruce with an occassional occurence of oaks, lindens, pines and larches. There are also rare plants growing, for example houseleek, edelweiss, lilium martagon, alpine bellflower, ferns and gentians. Not even herbaceous plants are missing. Concerning fruits, you might harvest strawberries, raspberries, cranberries,  blueberries and rowans. Mushroom hunters will certainly be delighted, too.  Animal kingdom is represented by bears, wolves, wild boars, deers, foxes, occassionally also lynxes, martens, fitches, badgers, weasels and marmots.

Speciesof rainbow  troute and brown troute are reasonably considered rarities of the stream . The air is being occupied by aerial predators like eagles, hawks, buzzards, falcons, sparrowhawks, eagle owls etc. Reptiles are represented by: grass snakes, vipers, lizards and newts.

Above all, „Jánska valley“ is rich in occurence of karst formations. There are several underground spaces, caves or gaps set in the valley and waterfalls located. „Malá Stanišovská cave“  (a member of trinity: Veľká, Malá and Nová caves)  with the length of 450 m is the only cave accessible to visit in „Jánska valley“. We can also  take pride in the Starý castle as long  as i t is the deepest one in Slovakia. Nevertheless, there are many more rarities, for instance „Revajov dom“  which is one of the deepest underground spaces in Slovakia and one of the deepest gap caves  in Central Europe  with the depth of 423 metres. It is important  to mention also  „Ohnište“,avery rare karst landscape including rock formation „Okno“.

Jánska valley offers many opportunities for trips, walks, hikes (Ďumbier, Krakova Hoľa, Ohnište, Slemä, Poludnica),  ridge hikes (Ďumbier - Čertovica, Ďumbier – Chopok) but also sports, recreational and leisure activities such as skiing (cross-country or downhill), bicycle touring, running, speleo, entomological hobby, art hobby, photographic hobby and so on.

Hills and hikes

Ďumbier 2 043 m n. m. 

The top of the highest Low Tatras‘ peak Ďumbier is dominated by concrete pylon and wooden two-arm cross. The view from Dumbier is obviously one of the most spectacular views in Slovakia.

Krakova hoľa 1 752 m n. m. 

The  hill of underground records. The hill connecting three Low Tatras‘ valleys – Demänovská, Jánska and Iľanovská. Steep and wild hillsides, plateau overgrown by dense scrubs, the top with an amazing view.

Ohnište 1 538 m n. m

The biggest rock window. A mountain massif of limestones and dolomites. Meadows at the top are fully abloom and slightly wave and the surface is covered by many gaps.

Poludnica 1 549 m n. m. 

The hill of panoramic  views. The symbol of Liptov, extending from Liptovský Ján and Závažná Poruba.  According to the Slavic mythology, Poludnica was a being who protected the sanctity of midday when the Sun rose tothe  top of heaven.

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